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Dear friends,

Here are the outlines of sermons recently preached at Calvary Baptist Church.  May the Lord use these studies in your life and ministry.  If you are blessed in a particular way, please send an email to the webmaster and give your testimony.  For my pastor friends, I may be able to send you a more complete version of these studies for use in your ministry.  These expanded studies are available by request only.  Click the webmaster link below and tell us your name, the name of your ministry and how you will use the studies.  Studies are provided for non-profit use in one local church ministry only and may not be distributed.  You may, of course, use them in any evangelistic ministry such as prisons, rescue missions, recovery homes, etc.  Freely you have received, freely give!



(More to come soon)

Study 1: Introduction (1 Cor. 12)

Study 2: Love One Another (One Anothers of Our Heart)

Study 3: The One Anothers of Our Heart

Study 4: The One Anothers of Our Speech

Study 5: The One Anothers of Our Actions 1 (NEW)

Study 5: The One Anothers of Our Actions 2 (NEW)

Study 5: The One Anothers of Our Actions 3 (NEW)

Study 5: The One Anothers of Our Actions 4 (NEW)







In Times Like These - A Message of Encouragement (Philip. 4:1-8)

Honor Your Father - Fathers Day 2009 (Exodus 20:12)



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