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The Bible. This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book! Make Bible reading a part of your daily life in 2012. Whether you read the entire Bible, read the New Testament, or choose a topical reading plan, the important thing is to commit to do it, get started and stay with it. And if you miss a chapter, or don't finish the whole plan, don't beat yourself up. That will cause discouragement and lead you to quit altogether. No, just pick up with the current reading and keep plodding. Doing this year after year will make an immeasurable difference in your life! Here are some tools to help you succeed.



1. Reading 3 chapters of the O.T. and 1 of the N.T. will take you through the Bible in one year.

2. Reading one chapter of the N.T. each weekday will take you through the N.T. in one year.

3. Reading the chapter of Proverbs associated with each day's date (Example: Read Proverbs 1 on the 1st of each month) will take you through Proverbs once each month (don't worry about the missed chapters on some months) and will give you God's wisdom for daily living.

4. There are many reading plans out there. Look below for some that we recommend.



A summary of the Old Testament by reading less than one chapter per day.

A plan for reading the Psalms



Here are some that we recommend. You will find many others and perhaps just the one for you. The YouVersion plans are available on iphone, android phones and tablets and PC. They have a tool to track your progress and can even send you reminders by email. So, DO SOMETHING!

John MacArthur Daily Bible (Bible devotions in Turbo Mode! Read the entire Bible with insights from Dr. MacArthur. Or just read the New Testament. This is also available in print form and as an RSS feed.)

YouVersion Homepage (A great place to start)

NOTE: Some of the following may ask you to sign up (register) for the site. I encourage you to do so since you will find these so helpful.

Project 345 (N.T. reading plan so named because the average time to read is 3 min. 45 sec. per day)

Project 345 Plus (Same as above but with a Psalm and chapter of Proverbs and O.T. selection each day)

First Steps Plan (Perfect for starters and youth. A light overview of the whole Bible)

Life Application Bible Plan (A short Scripture and devotional with application to life)

Youth Devotional Plan (A short Bible reading with a devotional to apply the Bible to the life of young people)

NOTE: There are shorter reading plans on YouVersion for special needs such as grief, debt, anger, etc. Why not pick one, work through it, then start another one!



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